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Bansko has hosted events of the World and European Cup in Alpine skiing, national and regional competitions and cups. For the last several years it has hosted the World Cup in Biatlon. The ski center offers perfect conditions for skiing, snowboarding, free ride, snow kiting and others.Winter hiking, mountaineering, biathlon, orienteering and many other activities are available.



 Fans of extreme sports can drive a snowmobile, ATV, downhill sledding and more. In 2012, close to the center of Bansko, was built a track for carting on snow - a new and filled with adrenaline feeling. Ice skating in Bansko offers unforgettable moments on the ice for the whole family.
In the summer there are orientation competitions, biathlon, crosses, bike tours, motorcycle tours and etc. There are a number of tennis courts for free use, as well as some playgrounds built in Bansko. There are numerous football pitches that will allow anyone wishing to play their favorite game to do so. Numerous summer mountain trails allow people of different age and physical fitness to enjoy the beauty of the mountains.
The rich variety of types and difficulties of the routes for mountain biking will satisfy anyone who wants to try this sport, as well as people with a lot of experience in this sport.


Only 6 km away from the town of Bansko, in Dobrinishte and Banya, fans of water sports can enjoy the excellent conditions for summer beach and spa tourism.


We have also thought about the tourists who like motorsports. Multiple routes and trails have been developed for ATV. The routes have been selected by varying difficulty corresponding to the different physical fitness and experience of the practitioners of this sport.



Besides trails for ATV there have also been developed perfect routes for OFF ROAD adventures. As with other sports, there are multiple routes of varying difficulty and length, passing through Bansko, Razlog, Kresna and others.
The mountain above Bansko offers excellent conditions for rock climbing. Peshterite (The Caves) area is an excellent destination for fans of this extreme experience.


 For all who love horse riding, there are many places and horse farms where you can enjoy a great feeling and emotions associated with riding.There are multiple routes of varying difficulty and riding ring available.


 Fans of fishing can enjoy their favorite sport in a variety of reservoirs, rivers and fishing spots.



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