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How to get to Borovets


 The road to Borovets is well maintained throughout the year. The only thing you have to do is to pack your bags and leave your cares away.

You can get from Sofia to Borovets by:


bus-to-borovets  Bus:    During the active season, from Yug Bus Station-Sofia, there is a bus or microbus setting off every 30 minutes. The distance from Sofia to Samokov is about 70km and can be taken in about an hour. There are microbuses that depart from the same bus station in Sofia every 30 minutes and can take you straight to the Borovets resort. The final stop of the microbuses is right in front of the Samokov Hotel, and the first stop on the route back is situated in front of the Ela Hotel.

borovets-car  By car:   The time it takes from Sofia to Borovets by car also takes about an hour, depending on the weather and the traffic along the way. Take the bypass and go in the Pancharevo – Kokalyane – Pasarel – Samokov – Borovets direction.



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