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Tourism in Bansko

Winter tourism

The highest point of the ski center is at an altitude of 2560 meters, whereas the lowest is at 990 meters. Bansko has 75 km of ski trails, of which 35% are for beginners, 40% are for advanced skiers and 25% for experienced skiers and snowboarders. All tracks are fully equipped with artificial snow machines. The ski season is guaranteed from December to May thanks to 230 TechnoAlpin snow cannons and Kassbohrer snow trampling machines.
The ski center offers 16 km of ski trails, equipped with artificial snow machines and lights, connecting the high parts of the resort with the town.

The following lift equipment is also functional:

  • Bunderitsa 2-4-seat lift
  • Shiligarnik - 4-seat lift
  • Chalin valog - 4-seat lift
  • Todorka - 3-seat lift
  • Plateau - 4-seat lift
  • Old Anchor - 2-seater lift-anchor
  • Kids anchor - 2-seater lift-anchor
  • Panitza B - 1-seat bowl-lift
  • Vlek Chalin - 1-seat bowl-lift
  • Crna mound - 4-seat lift

Summer tourism

South of Bansko is the "Pirin" National Park, included in the list of national parks and reserves of the UN, as well as the list of cultural and natural sites of heritage from UNESCO. The park is famous for its lakes, waterfalls, caves, venerable trees and historical sites. In places like Chalin Valog, Todorova Ornitsa, Demyanishka meadow, Shiligarnika, as well as in the chalets like Vihren, Demyanitsa, Bunderitsa, Gotse Delchev, Bezbog there are excellent conditions for summer and winter tourism and relaxation with ski lifts and drags. Famous are the mineral waters of the village of Banya and the town of Dobrinishte, as well as the "Dupki - Djindjiritsa", "Ulen" and "Tisata" reserves.

The following natural sites are announced as protected: the waterfalls at Banderishki leap, Demyanishki leap, Yulenski leap, the rock formation at Svatbata, the Banderitsa cave, seven venerable trees, one of which is the Baykusheva fir. Mountaineering offers all the necessary components for a healthy connection with nature, a good change from your everyday environment and most importantly: a physical activity.

All these features are available for all age groups. The hikes are easy to organize, as they are well spread in order to accommodate to everyone’s hiking capabilities.

In this regard, in Pirin there are a lot of marked and somewhat standardized routes that allow for the largest number of people, depending on their gender, age and ability, to pass and enjoy the beauty of the mountains.
From the Bezbog pathway, go in the southern direction and after 30 minutes you'll reach Bezbog ridge, where begins a slow and long descent to the lakes of "Banski golove" and from there after 10-15 min. come a long climb to Popovo Lake. Popovo Lake is the largest in Pirin.
In the summertime, fans of the extreme sports can rent the newest models of mountain bikes and enjoy the pleasures of mountain biking in the well-developed routes in Pirin and Rila.
The beautiful summer days provide a perfect setting for wonderful picnics. The Chalin valog region offers excellent conditions for this type of experience, as it has specified for picnics that meet all the required conditions. The meals prepared on a stone plate gain an irresistible aroma, that in combination with a cooled in a nearby river drinks, will satisfy even the most pretentious culinary taste.
The areas around Bansko seduce all lovers of hunting and fishing. Nothing can replace the feeling of a good thrill and the pleasant hours spent with a fishing rod in your hand, along the rivers and lakes, as well as at the reservoir in the Belizmata are, as well as the emotion of a pleasant fatigue, caused by hunting.
Those of you who prefer the pleasure of horse riding will not be disappointed either. The interesting routes and the very feeling will leave pleasant memories in everyone, who was able to get in touch with the beauty and magnetism of the mountains, combined with the unforgettable pleasure of riding.
In order to not disappoint the fans of the most aristocratic sport, just 6 km from Bansko, in the town of Razlog, are two ultra-modern golf courses, which will allow anyone to indulge themselves in the incredible sensation caused by the game.

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