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Obetsanova Mehana Bansko

It is located in downtown Bansko very close to the cultural-historic monument – ‘St Troitsa’ Church.

The mehana is one of the oldest built mehanas, it has 180 seats indoors and 100 in the garden. The carefully selected old items and decorations will take you a unique atmosphere only found in Bansko.

Served by the professionally trained waiters and in the company of your friends you will enjoy another unforgettable evening. The panoramically situated fireplace provides for the delight of the freshly grilled meals. 

The ‘Obetsanova’ Mehana offers authentic folklore as well – Bansko Merak that will help you get that mood you need to indulge with the great meals prepared only for you!

We offer large selection of game meals, baked lamb and pork that are very delicious combined with a good wine that is own production with great aroma, specially for the admirers.

You can also try the traditional Bansko specialties like kapama and chumlek. The meat dishes are among the most popular but as responsible staff we offer vegetarian food.

Obetsanova mehana’ – when the quality and the attitude matter.

Bansko, 1 Vazrazhdane sq
Tel: +359 878 317 555, +359 878 555 611

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